Dan and Maria met while Dan was stationed in Germany in 2008 and after knowing her for just a few weeks, Dan knew Maria was going to be a special part of his life. One day, Dan looked at Maria and said “Let’s do something big together”. She agreed and together they spent the next few years of their life working in Iraq to finance their dream of owning their own business in the states.

After traveling most of their lives, Dan and Maria were looking to make a life near family. Dan, with his background in business planning and customer service, and Maria, with her background in hospitality and the service industry, found Smallcakes in Roseville and together they knew this was a place they could call home.

Smallcakes allows Dan and Maria to follow their dream of providing quality service and products in an environment that is welcoming and treats you like family. They have created this welcoming atmosphere by hiring a team of employees who work together to provide value, friendly service, and, most importantly, TASTY cupcakes! One of the best parts about owning Smallcakes is the look on people’s faces when they walk into the shop and smell the cupcakes, hopefully reminding them of growing up with family. But their favorite part? Seeing customers smile because at the end of the day, it’s all about people.