Smallcakes & Freshberry would like to take a minute to Thank ALL Teachers and Nurses this week for everything that they do for us!


It’s Teachers Appreciation Week and Nurses Appreciation week. We’d like YOU to nominate a teacher or nurse to win the title of “BEST Teacher Ever” and  “Best Nurse Ever.” Tell us who you think is the best and tell us why below.  Our smallcakes family will judge your submissions this weekend and will announce the Winners on Monday.  Both the winner(s) and nominee(s) will receive a Dozen regular sized cupcakes!


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In a hundred years, it won’t matter what kind of car we used to drive.  It won’t matter how big our bank accounts got, or what kind of house we lived in.

But the world will be a better place because we will have left our marks on it.  But we weren’t born automatically knowing how to fashion progress.  No, someone taught us how to think and be the best we could be: Our  Teachers


She doesn’t mind getting down and dirty in the trenches of the sick.

 He gives of himself freely so that others can get better.

She shares the emotional burden of the patient’s family or friends.

They make differences Every day.

They are our Nurses.